April change: Get organized

It’s time to get to organized, ladies and gentlemen!

I have been staring at my mess of a room for months now. I usually am really good about keeping my room clean and all. Yeah, not so much lately.

I am having a hard time with it, though. I know there is stuff I want to sell, stuff I want to keep and stuff I need to get rid of. I’m just having trouble getting started.

I got this book recently. I think it’s about time I give it a read!

Any advice or suggestions?



March change: The FACE

I had deemed this month OGO (Operation Get Organized). Instead, I started something the last week of February and have kept with it so I figured that would be my change for March.

I call this month’s change The FACE!

Why? you ask. Well, for a long time, I would go to bed without washing my face, brushing/flossing my teeth (I know, I know) or taking my contacts out (!!!). When I started my job back in January, my boss told me that appearance was important as I am the first person that people see when they walk in the door. I may not agree with this, but do understand it. Plus, I really love makeup and hadn’t really had any reason to wear it before. Now, I wear it Monday-Friday (I am glad I take the weekends off).

At first, I thought it was going to take me forever and that I was going to get to bed really late. In reality, it literally takes me 15 minutes to take OUT MY CONTACTS, take off my makeup, toner, moisturizer and floss and brush my teeth. Speaking of face products, I have DRY skin and HUGE pores. Any recommendations of good facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer? I think what I am using is too harsh on my skin and is dry me out even more. HELP!! That’s it. 15 minutes a day! Who knew it could be that easy. There have been a few times where I’ve skipped but paid for it a few days later with signs of breakouts (which I capped right away).

I am really liking my new routine. It helps me finalize my night and get ready for bed. How is your March change coming?

Oh, my February change has come to a stand still. I really need a kick in the butt and some help.


Another month comes to an End

February…..let me just tell you that month was hard. I also have to tell you that is the reason I wanted to do this change this early. I need as much support as I can get. That’s what we’ve got each other for, right?

I’m still exercising, though not as much or as hard as I want to. I know I need to look into changing up my workout. I also need to get back to counting calories and eating healthier.

I think this is the hardest change I have to make this year. I will make this work!

Now, to figure out what my March change is going to be. I have a few things in mind and I want to do them all at the same time lol.

on failure

Well, my intent of exercising 3x a week in February didn’t exactly pan out like I wanted it to. Due to a variety of circumstances, all entirely within my own control, I didn’t even come close to this one. A few years ago, I probably would have let my lack of follow through stop me from trying at all moving forward.

I think we have all experienced that kind of self-defeating situation pattern at one point or another. We come face to face with failure, and instead of changing tactics and trying again, we let failure have the final word. I’ve never met a person who has succeeded at absolutely everything they’ve ever tried. I’d go so far to say, show me that person and I’ll show you someone who probably doesn’t take many risks or challenge themselves enough.

What matters in the long run isn’t that you failed – it’s how you learn to respond to failure.

My little corner of the internet is dedicated to my Day Zero Project – also known as 101 Goals in 1,001 Days. It’s goal setting on steroids. I’m on my second list of 101 goals, after only completing about 68% of the first round. Mathematically speaking, I’m pretty sure that’s failing. (But don’t quote me on that. I’m a lawyer, I don’t do math.) I could have just shrugged my shoulders and said that this kind of thing wasn’t for me. But I didn’t.

Those 1,001 days taught me that it’s the trying that counts and that’s the attitude I’m bring to my second 101 and to these 12 Changes. I posted on my blog today about how I’m upping the ante on retackling February’s goal on top of March’s, and I might fail at one or both of them. But I’m sure as heck not going to not try.

With two months of changing under your belts, I’m wondering how you’re all feeling?

If you haven’t checked in or posted about your changes in awhile, I’d love to hear how you’re doing!

New month, new challenge!

February was a blur of a month. Work was stressful, projects at the house were plentiful, and generally I was just trying to stay ahead of the bouncing ball.

My February change- to make better efforts to get in touch with friends and make plans- was not all that successful, mostly because of the busy life schedule and budget issues. I did reach out to some friends and try to make plans, but because of the lack of significant extra cash flow to enjoy a few nights out, not many friend-dates happened. I did send out emails to try to connect with pals who I’ve seen and always say “we should get together!” While it doesn’t look like the getting together will happen until this month or even more into the future, I am still going to work hard to see friends far and near. I was successful in hosting some girlfriends and my mom for some fondue and facials over this past weekend. So in terms of success, I think February was 50% success.

For March, my goal is drink more water. A few hours into the new month, I’m falling behind already. All I’ve had to drink this morning is a cup of tea at 7AM. I think I need to remind myself for a while with a post-it on my desk, at home, etc. I even have a reusable water bottle in the car, though I frequently forget to refill it. Operation more water has to have a plan for sure.

Here’s hoping for March goal success to you all!

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The first two months of the year are gone. Just like that. Usually, they are the longest, most drawn out months of the entire year but 2012 sent them flying by me so quickly I barely knew they happened so it made more sense to me to recap them together for 12changes.

My January change was to not pre-spend my income, and I feel like I did very well in the category. I had a minor slip the last weekend of the month and went and blew some money quick and dirty, but let’s just say I really needed the retail therapy. Plus, I got some cute work clothes and comfortable black ballet flats that I’ve been wearing pretty religiously since I got them. I carried this habit into February, and sometime between January and February I got my Lowe’s credit card paid off. My bank credit card got paid off in one fell swoop one payday hit the last day of February. This means savings time will go into effect! Yay! Again, it’ll take some discipline and diversion to keep myself from thinking I have the money to spend instead of mentally acting like I don’t, so I can keep it instead!

February’s change was to be more loving. Did I succeed? Well. I’d like to think so overall, but I know I had some snappy, crappy moments. I did actively try to assess what I was going to say before I said it to avoid unnecessarily causing any rifts that might happen if I would have said what I wanted. Sometimes it was worth it to say what was on my mind. I think this goal might have been a little hard to measure, in retrospect. I can only hope to keep trying to keep carrying it on throughout the rest of the year, giving myself a moment before unleashing some of my vitriol to decide if its worth the aftermath if I say what I want.

What’s coming up? SPRING CLEANING! Sort of. I have already been lightly working on this goal, already taking two laundry baskets worth of things I no longer needed to Thrift Avenue. I hope to assess the situation a lot more in March, and really get this house ready for fun new things in the future! The month is April is dedicated to cleaning too (I swear I’m more exciting than I sound like based on my goals!) but in a more allergen-reducing way since I am hoping to avoid the annual sinus misery that usually overcomes me around that time of the year. That includes hauling this beast in for a buzz cut!

Not even those sad eyes can save her from turning into a velvety baby!


How’s it going?

I’m writing this post to ask y’all a few questions: How is your February change coming? Are you succeeding? Are you finding it hard to stay with this change this month? Are you still stilling to the change you made in January?

I want to hear from you. You are important to me. You keep me going. So, please share with me.

As for me, I kicked it into high gear in the middle of January with drinking more water. Since then, I have actually learned how to drink water. I know this may sound weird but it’s true. I would drink a 16 oz. bottle in the morning then not drink anything until after 12. I was then cramming 60-80 ounces of water down my throat in 4 hours (I wanted to be done by the time I left work, which is 5 pm). Oh man, that just lead to a lot of bathroom trips. I learned that you have only drink when you are thirsty and space it out. Now, it’s much better.

February started off well. I was exercising 3-4 times a week. I was eating healthier. Things where going well. Then the weekend with ALL the food. Then the UTI hit. I didn’t exercise all week until Thursday. I felt it. I know that I need to get back on track. I’m just having a difficult time keeping myself motivated. I’ve done this before. Why is it so hard this time?