Don’t break the chain

Hey everyone!

I’m here again, and I’m going to be making some changes this year! It’s going to look a little different than it did last year, but it’s still going to be awesome. All are welcome to join!

This year I’ll be using the idea of not breaking the chain. It’s an idea that I was introduced to by Charlie McDonnell last year on YouTube.

To be honest, I’m far too tired right now to look up all the links and video and such, but I plan on writing (somewhere) daily this month at least, so I’ll get you that information soon!

What have you got going this year?


April change: Get organized

It’s time to get to organized, ladies and gentlemen!

I have been staring at my mess of a room for months now. I usually am really good about keeping my room clean and all. Yeah, not so much lately.

I am having a hard time with it, though. I know there is stuff I want to sell, stuff I want to keep and stuff I need to get rid of. I’m just having trouble getting started.

I got this book recently. I think it’s about time I give it a read!

Any advice or suggestions?


12 Changes, 12 Months. My experience so far…

My friend Katherine invited me to participate in this project she has been working on called 12 Changes, 12 Months. It’s a great idea, instead of having New Years resolutions that we all seem to forget after a few weeks, we make a list of 12 things we like to change and focus on one of them once a month so then it becomes habit. So since January 1st, I had a list together and I’ve been focusing in aspects of the list to make things easier. It isn’t exactly what the whole entire process is suppose to be about, but it really works for me and reminds to take things one day at a time. Here is the list.

1. Drink more water everyday.
2. Get to the gym 3+ times a week.
3. Take stairs instead of elevator
4. Keep laundry folded and put away.
5. Portion control my food.
6. Make a new recipe every week.
7. Make a playlist once a month.
8. Save at least $100/month.
9. Read at least one book a month.
10. Make Bed everyday.
11. Go to bed with a clean apartment.
12. Wear mouthguard every night and wash face before bed.

Overall the biggest theme here is healthy, like everyone else. I’ve basically given up drinking diet soda and put myself on a 1300 calorie intake for the day. I know it seems like a little, and it is, but it’s really working. I’ve already lost 6 pounds over the last 2 weeks, doing this has taught me not to stuff my face, which is a problem I have. It has also been easy to adapt meals I already eat into this. Soups, Turkey Burgers, and breakfast tacos have been adjusted accordingly. Throughout the day I am constantly making the right decisions for me. Should I eat this, or if I eat this I can eat/not eat something later. More than anything it’s been really enlightening.

In addition to healthy living, I really wanted to focus on things that make me happy. Music, reading, and cooking are things I get really excited about and I wanted to remind myself that while I am challenging myself I still need the things to keep me happy and thriving. It’s a good overall balance where I am not always thinking about the things I do wrong, and getting stressed out because of it.

The saving thing is just trying being smart and hopefully as time goes on I can save more. I really do need to have a stash of cash set aside so if something happens I can take care of myself. Too many bad memories of losing my job and having to move in with my parents back in 2007 with creditors and student loan companies down my throat. It was a really bad time, and I really want to be prepared in case something unexpected happens.

Overall I really want to get into a routine, which is where the laundry, making bed, mouthguard/washing face, and cleaning apartment changes come in. I cleaned out my closet over the last weekend of clothes, which I have not done since college and now I have room to hang all of my clothes up (which was my biggest problem). I get really stressed out and agitated when my living space is messy and chaotic and this is to prevent it.

Now I know I am only suppose to focus on one thing, but it seems like if I do one thing, the others seem to fall into place. This has been the easiest time I’ve had in try to make a change in my life and maybe it’s due to the fact that I am actually 100% ready for this change, and I am balancing it out. Sure there are going to be days when I mess up, but when I mess up, I make sure I dont fall into the cycle of just giving up. And that seems to be the biggest change I am making this year. Not only do I have the support system with 12 changes, but I have the support of my therapist, who I am checking in with once a week and David, who has been extremely encouraging (even when I am super grumpy and focused).

So now I just need to keep the movement going. Wish me luck.

Diana is a Designer who lives in San Francisco. She has a love for photography, art, cooking, reading, and a really bad music addiction. She currently contributes to the music blog, 40ozrobot, but you can also find her searching for her own thoughts here.

How this all started for me!

Hey y’all! In case you don’t know me, my name is Heather and I blog over at Musings of Heather.

Change is nothing new to me. I mean, we go through change all the time. I just knew when I heard about this project, I had to get involved. To be honest, I hate change. I hate adapting to something new. I knew going in, that this was going to be hard for me. I also knew that by doing this here, I would have people to hold me accountable, as well as to count on. I posted my list of changes I want to make this year on my blog. I have decided to start with what I think is the hardest thing on my list: eliminating refined sugar from my diet. The reason I picked this one first is because I know that it is something I will have to work at. I have tried this once before. It started off well (yes, it was hard) but I managed for a while. Then Easter happened and it just stopped. They say that it takes 21 days for something to become habit.

Living in the South, we are now into Mardi Gras season. That means King Cakes and all sort of sweet treats. I don’t know if I set myself up to fail. I guess we’ll see.

So, here’s to a year of change!

My Twelve Changes

Hi everyone! My name is Melissa, and I’m one of the bloggers taking part in the 12 Changes project that was created by Stephany and Katherine. I remember seeing the beginning of this conversation on Twitter, and getting REALLY excited. I knew that if any bloggers could take care of this project the right way, it would be these two lovely ladies. And look at all the wonderful things they’ve done already! Not only are there SIXTY bloggers taking part in this amazing endeavor, but there is a Twitter account and, of course, this blog. It’s only fitting that we blog about our progress because we are all bloggers after all. It’s what brought us together and it’s the reason this project exists!

Today I wanted to talk about my own personal 12 Changes. 12 Changes reminds me A LOT of The Happiness Project [by Gretchen Rubin]. I wrote about it a little while ago when I read the book, and I had completely forgotten about it until 12 Changes came up. When I had originally read it I had REALLY wanted to do something similar for myself (because I love goals and it just sounds like a lot of fun) so I decided to plan 2012 around a Happiness Project of sorts. Mine isn’t necessarily about HAPPINESS the way that Gretchen Rubin’s was, though. My project is about setting attainable goals for myself throughout the year based around a new theme each month. Then, as each month comes to an end, I’m going to start my new month of goals while trying to incorporate the previous month’s achievements into the next. Of course I want to be *happy* doing it, but I think that will come naturally as I continue crossing off my goals!

This is what my themes are for each month of the year.

January: health
February: fitness
March: budgeting
April: procrastination
May: goals
June: friendships
July: personal living
August: mindfulness (or being open-minded)
September: school
October: organization
November: family
December: round-up (putting it all into practice)

I’m so excited and hopeful about this project, I really am. I haven’t chosen what each of my goals are going to be for each month of the year, but I am making sure to stay organized to be ready when I need to be.

Right now I’m working on the idea of health. I haven’t really *done* anything yet, but I have set up what I’d like to be achieve before February. Now that the holidays are really and truly over I’m going to put my mind to it and really get a few goals crossed off to start this project off right.

In January, I have four goals set up for myself. 

1. Go one month without junk food

2. Start taking multi-vitamins every day

3. Try vegetarianism for one week

4. Keep a food diary

I also want to keep in mind 3 rules as I incorporate healthier eating habits into my life. 

1. Keep the kitchen stocked with the right food

2. Boredom does not equal hunger. Remember the 10 minute rule.

3. When really hungry, always go for the healthy option FIRST. You’ll never regret a healthy snack!

By the end of January, I don’t expect to cut junk food out of my life permanently or become a vegetarian; the idea is just to try these different lifestyles to see what changes I see in myself. Ideally I’d love to simply use these extreme measures as a way to decrease the bad food I eat and increase the good.

By the end of 2012, I just want to see significant changes in myself; exactly what the project is ABOUT. I want to continue to feel inspired by The Happiness Project all year, and hopefully be successful with most of the goals I set up for myself!

Are you taking part in 12 Changes? If not, what do your goals look like for the year, or for January?

How It Began

Hello, fellow 12 Change-rs! I’m Stephany and I blog over at, about anything and everything. I’d like to tell you a little bit about how this all came about (for those who don’t know) and what it means to me.

I’m going to be honest, though. It was an emo-induced tweet that got us here.


It caused Katherine to initiate a gChat conversation which then spawned the idea of “12 Changes”. Whenever I’ve thought about losing weight, it’s been about more than diet and exercise. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.

But when I think about living a healthy lifestyle and all the different changes I would have to make to my life, it can be seriously overwhelming. I drink too much soda and not enough water. I munch on unhealthy snacks throughout the day and don’t know how to properly fuel my body for a workout. I don’t eat breakfast and I rarely go to bed at a decent hour. I eat too many carbs, refined sugar, and drink too much caffeine throughout the day. It’s a dizzying list!

But the beauty of 12 Changes is that this list breaks down. The majority of my goals will be health-related (my word for 2012 is “health”, after all) but getting to the point where being healthy doesn’t feel so overwhelming and out of reach. Instead of thinking about all the ways I need to change to be healthy or how drastic my life has to change to get to where I need to be, I think about it one step at a time. One change at a time. One month at a time.

At the end of 2012, I want my life to look drastically different than it did when I began 2011, especially as it relates to my health and fitness levels. And to do that, I need to make serious changes.

But I only have to think about it in small chunks. I have an entire community (yes, YOU GUYS!) supporting me, doling out advice, and pushing for me to succeed. And that makes this journey seem a lot less scary.