Four months in!

Four months in and I’m still working hard on maintaining the goals from the previous months and adding in a new one for the month of April: meditate.

We’re 17 days in and I’d say my success rate is about 25% at this point. Work has been supremely busy and stressful, especially at the end of March and into April. I had a few freak out days when meditating would have been the answer to the crazed feeling I had. I have a hard time quieting my mind when I am just sitting still– all the thoughts of all the things come barrelling into the quiet space and it’s hard to shoo them away.

To try to focus myself, I’ve taken to two different methods for meditating that are working fairly well for me. On the weekend mornings when I have no schedule or anywhere to be, I take the time to sit with either my coffee or tea in quiet. This past weekend it was pretty amazing to do that in the warm sunshine. I really just focus on myself and don’t even write or make notes on thoughts in my head, instead dismiss them to be dealt with later so that I can have the quiet time to get focused on myself and mentally prepared for whatever is ahead that day.

I’ve also done meditative walking which has been just pure awesomeness. Even when the weather has been less than gorgeous I am forcing myself to walk as soon as I get home from work. I walk in silence with no iPod and really allow my eyes, nose, ears do absorb what is around me. This has been so incredibly calming and energizing at the same time. After an hour long commute home, I am wiped out by the day and tired, but giving myself that time to walk and relax- even if only for twenty minutes- has been incredibly restorative. When I’m walking, it’s my time and by not having the iPod, I really focus on what’s around me. I’ve noticed things about houses that I drive by everyday that I haven’t seen before, smell the budding flowers, and listen to TVs, music, conversations of houses, cars, and people that go by me. I can definitely see that this change  ( along with drinking more water) will be one of the easiest to continue long term in my life and definitely one of the ones that is making me feel better about myself tenfold.


New month, new challenge!

February was a blur of a month. Work was stressful, projects at the house were plentiful, and generally I was just trying to stay ahead of the bouncing ball.

My February change- to make better efforts to get in touch with friends and make plans- was not all that successful, mostly because of the busy life schedule and budget issues. I did reach out to some friends and try to make plans, but because of the lack of significant extra cash flow to enjoy a few nights out, not many friend-dates happened. I did send out emails to try to connect with pals who I’ve seen and always say “we should get together!” While it doesn’t look like the getting together will happen until this month or even more into the future, I am still going to work hard to see friends far and near. I was successful in hosting some girlfriends and my mom for some fondue and facials over this past weekend. So in terms of success, I think February was 50% success.

For March, my goal is drink more water. A few hours into the new month, I’m falling behind already. All I’ve had to drink this morning is a cup of tea at 7AM. I think I need to remind myself for a while with a post-it on my desk, at home, etc. I even have a reusable water bottle in the car, though I frequently forget to refill it. Operation more water has to have a plan for sure.

Here’s hoping for March goal success to you all!

A little late, but still hoping for change!

Greetings all! I’m Kristen via Life By Kristen. While I’m a bit behind on life for getting my 12 changes onto the blog, I’ve been working hard every day to make my January change happen!  Considering I’m posting this almost at the end of January, I probably should have made my January change to be on target with deadlines.

January’s change of go to bed early and get up on time was halfway successful. I am routinely in bed between 10 and 11 at night and getting up by 830AM on the weekends at the latest. But during the week, the 6AM alarm comes far too quickly and I hit snooze way too many times. I’m trying to put my alarm farther away from the bed so that it requires some movement in the morning, but really I just sort of move myself just as little as possible to reach the snooze button. I’m still working on making this change actually happen- and stick.

And here are my 12 proposed changes:

1. Go to bed early, get up on time           2.  Drink more water

3. Be active at least 3 times/week         4.  Don’t waste real work hours on web stuff

5. Make better attempts at communication and plans with friends

6. Less carbs                       7. Cook more

8. Read more                    9. Blog frequently

10.  Paint/create              11.  Take more photos

12. Meditate