Four months in!

Four months in and I’m still working hard on maintaining the goals from the previous months and adding in a new one for the month of April: meditate.

We’re 17 days in and I’d say my success rate is about 25% at this point. Work has been supremely busy and stressful, especially at the end of March and into April. I had a few freak out days when meditating would have been the answer to the crazed feeling I had. I have a hard time quieting my mind when I am just sitting still– all the thoughts of all the things come barrelling into the quiet space and it’s hard to shoo them away.

To try to focus myself, I’ve taken to two different methods for meditating that are working fairly well for me. On the weekend mornings when I have no schedule or anywhere to be, I take the time to sit with either my coffee or tea in quiet. This past weekend it was pretty amazing to do that in the warm sunshine. I really just focus on myself and don’t even write or make notes on thoughts in my head, instead dismiss them to be dealt with later so that I can have the quiet time to get focused on myself and mentally prepared for whatever is ahead that day.

I’ve also done meditative walking which has been just pure awesomeness. Even when the weather has been less than gorgeous I am forcing myself to walk as soon as I get home from work. I walk in silence with no iPod and really allow my eyes, nose, ears do absorb what is around me. This has been so incredibly calming and energizing at the same time. After an hour long commute home, I am wiped out by the day and tired, but giving myself that time to walk and relax- even if only for twenty minutes- has been incredibly restorative. When I’m walking, it’s my time and by not having the iPod, I really focus on what’s around me. I’ve noticed things about houses that I drive by everyday that I haven’t seen before, smell the budding flowers, and listen to TVs, music, conversations of houses, cars, and people that go by me. I can definitely see that this change  ( along with drinking more water) will be one of the easiest to continue long term in my life and definitely one of the ones that is making me feel better about myself tenfold.


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