Seriously, it’s April?

The fact that the calendar says that it’s not only April, but the middle of the month already, has me simply baffled. To the core group who has stuck with this 12 changes thing, you guys ROCK! Seriously, I mean, I’m having some trouble keeping up and I helped come up with the idea!

I don’t want to focus on what I’ve done wrong though, I’d rather pay attention to how I’m going to get back to work and what I’m going to change here in April.

As of the posting of this on Saturday, I will no longer be working at Barnes & Noble. If you haven’t caught the few postings on twitter about my new job, don’t worry, I’m not just leaving one position and wandering off into the unknown. No, instead I now have a regular 8-5 office gig. It’s actually almost an hour commute for me, so I’m out of the house about 7:15-6:00 every day, but the pay is far better than B&N and I love me some NPR, so I can make it work.

I can especially make it work because it gives me some routine. It’s been hard to do with some B&N evening shifts that keep me out of the house until 11:30PM, so I’m very much looking forward to next week.

This weekend I am going to a friend’s place a couple hours away, and while he is studying on Saturday, I plan on getting a jump start on a new blogging routine I’d like to begin. Starting on Monday, I will be writing for at least 20 minutes every night at home. I’d like to make it more, but I don’t want to commit to anything until I really get into it and see how it will work in my day.

I also happen to be writing this on my lunch break at work, which I can do because I get a longer lunch break, and I can eat my lunch at my desk and then email the post to myself. It would be totally killer to be able to actually write and post on my lunch, but that’s not an option with this position, and that’s okay.

I also plan on bringing my lunches to work, partially for the time, if I don’t have to go somewhere to get food, I have more time to eat/relax/write/sleep/vlog/whatevs. It also will allow me to keep more of this new paycheck that I’m getting, which is ideal, since the time at B&N was pretty much going to pay for my gas and food for the week.

So the routine of writing at work and at for a bit at home, combined with the bringing (and therefore making) my lunches, I hope will get me to a more productive place and allow me to make adjustments to the routine to fit other changes in as I decide to make them.

Things like running, since this new job has me sitting at a desk all day rather than showing people all around a bookstore for that perfect book.


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