Dealing with Failed Changes

Hi Changers! I’m Cait and this is my first time posting on the 12 Changes blog. You can usually find me at Finding My Balance.

Now that we’re into the fourth month of 12 Changes (we’re a quarter of the way through!), I wanted to talk a little bit about failure. Personally, I’m not a fan, to the point where I would rather not try than try and fail. (But that’s a whole different story.) Luckily, 12 Changes make failure seem much less scary than it can usually be.

For me, February was a disaster. I was helping plan a bridal shower and then spent the second half of the month in an inexplicable bad mood. My goal had been to exercise three times a week, but it just never happened. I was stubborn about only doing it as soon as I woke up; if I had something else to do, like going to my part-time job, I skipped it. It didn’t take long before I was skipping it every single day.

In March, I gave it another shot. Still no luck. However, I succeeded with my March change of reducing my sugar intake and had a fresh slate to start with in April. This is why the 12 Changes format appealed to me and why I jumped right on board — the worst you can do is have 30 (or 31) unsuccessful days before you have a chance to start a new challenge.

Being afraid of failure means that often, I don’t even try. By doing these monthly changes, I’m learning to embrace goal-setting and realize that failing isn’t actually as bad as I think it is. It’s a learning experience, a chance to reflect on why I failed and what I can do differently next time.


One thought on “Dealing with Failed Changes

  1. Good for you, Cait, in trying to overcome your fear of failure. I think there is a lot of gray area between success and failure and the more you embrace that failure is never absolute, it will hopefully get easier to give yourself at least partial credit for trying something even if you don’t follow through completely.

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