April change: Get organized

It’s time to get to organized, ladies and gentlemen!

I have been staring at my mess of a room for months now. I usually am really good about keeping my room clean and all. Yeah, not so much lately.

I am having a hard time with it, though. I know there is stuff I want to sell, stuff I want to keep and stuff I need to get rid of. I’m just having trouble getting started.

I got this book recently. I think it’s about time I give it a read!

Any advice or suggestions?



2 thoughts on “April change: Get organized

  1. I have good news: You’ve already started. šŸ˜€ You’ve recognized 3 piles of stuff for your organization process: 1) stuff you want to sell, 2) stuff you want to keep, and 3) stuff you need to get rid of/throw away. Grab at least 3 boxes and mark them: keeping, selling, throwing away (trash, giving away = throwing away).

    01 Start with one section of your room (i.e. your closet, your desk, your bed, etc.).
    02 Sort the items in that section into the three piles (selling, keeping, throwing away).
    03 Bam. Rinse and repeat for the other sections of your room.

    Starting small instead of attacking the whole room at once helps a lot because in finishing one section you feel like you’ve gotten at least one part done. I’ve lived with hoarders all my life, and this process definitely helps. Good luck!

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