New month, new challenge!

February was a blur of a month. Work was stressful, projects at the house were plentiful, and generally I was just trying to stay ahead of the bouncing ball.

My February change- to make better efforts to get in touch with friends and make plans- was not all that successful, mostly because of the busy life schedule and budget issues. I did reach out to some friends and try to make plans, but because of the lack of significant extra cash flow to enjoy a few nights out, not many friend-dates happened. I did send out emails to try to connect with pals who I’ve seen and always say “we should get together!” While it doesn’t look like the getting together will happen until this month or even more into the future, I am still going to work hard to see friends far and near. I was successful in hosting some girlfriends and my mom for some fondue and facials over this past weekend. So in terms of success, I think February was 50% success.

For March, my goal is drink more water. A few hours into the new month, I’m falling behind already. All I’ve had to drink this morning is a cup of tea at 7AM. I think I need to remind myself for a while with a post-it on my desk, at home, etc. I even have a reusable water bottle in the car, though I frequently forget to refill it. Operation more water has to have a plan for sure.

Here’s hoping for March goal success to you all!


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