Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The first two months of the year are gone. Just like that. Usually, they are the longest, most drawn out months of the entire year but 2012 sent them flying by me so quickly I barely knew they happened so it made more sense to me to recap them together for 12changes.

My January change was to not pre-spend my income, and I feel like I did very well in the category. I had a minor slip the last weekend of the month and went and blew some money quick and dirty, but let’s just say I really needed the retail therapy. Plus, I got some cute work clothes and comfortable black ballet flats that I’ve been wearing pretty religiously since I got them. I carried this habit into February, and sometime between January and February I got my Lowe’s credit card paid off. My bank credit card got paid off in one fell swoop one payday hit the last day of February. This means savings time will go into effect! Yay! Again, it’ll take some discipline and diversion to keep myself from thinking I have the money to spend instead of mentally acting like I don’t, so I can keep it instead!

February’s change was to be more loving. Did I succeed? Well. I’d like to think so overall, but I know I had some snappy, crappy moments. I did actively try to assess what I was going to say before I said it to avoid unnecessarily causing any rifts that might happen if I would have said what I wanted. Sometimes it was worth it to say what was on my mind. I think this goal might have been a little hard to measure, in retrospect. I can only hope to keep trying to keep carrying it on throughout the rest of the year, giving myself a moment before unleashing some of my vitriol to decide if its worth the aftermath if I say what I want.

What’s coming up? SPRING CLEANING! Sort of. I have already been lightly working on this goal, already taking two laundry baskets worth of things I no longer needed to Thrift Avenue. I hope to assess the situation a lot more in March, and really get this house ready for fun new things in the future! The month is April is dedicated to cleaning too (I swear I’m more exciting than I sound like based on my goals!) but in a more allergen-reducing way since I am hoping to avoid the annual sinus misery that usually overcomes me around that time of the year. That includes hauling this beast in for a buzz cut!

Not even those sad eyes can save her from turning into a velvety baby!



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