How’s it going?

I’m writing this post to ask y’all a few questions: How is your February change coming? Are you succeeding? Are you finding it hard to stay with this change this month? Are you still stilling to the change you made in January?

I want to hear from you. You are important to me. You keep me going. So, please share with me.

As for me, I kicked it into high gear in the middle of January with drinking more water. Since then, I have actually learned how to drink water. I know this may sound weird but it’s true. I would drink a 16 oz. bottle in the morning then not drink anything until after 12. I was then cramming 60-80 ounces of water down my throat in 4 hours (I wanted to be done by the time I left work, which is 5 pm). Oh man, that just lead to a lot of bathroom trips. I learned that you have only drink when you are thirsty and space it out. Now, it’s much better.

February started off well. I was exercising 3-4 times a week. I was eating healthier. Things where going well. Then the weekend with ALL the food. Then the UTI hit. I didn’t exercise all week until Thursday. I felt it. I know that I need to get back on track. I’m just having a difficult time keeping myself motivated. I’ve done this before. Why is it so hard this time?


6 thoughts on “How’s it going?

  1. February was kind of a fail for me. I didn’t really stick to my change at all, so I’m upping the ante on it and tacking it onto March’s. Lord help me, ha!

    • You can do it. Start with something small. It really helps. I know that if I tried to tackle large changes all at once, nothing would get done. We are here if you need help! What’s your March change?

  2. My January and February passed me by with no changes at all even though I said I wanted to take part in the project. So I’m coming to the game late, but I can still make a change for the good.

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