As good as it started, so it stop….sort of

Have you ever had a weekend that was just full of food? So much food that you don’t know where it all went?I live in the South…we eat

Yeah, that was a few weekends ago for me. I ate so unhealthy . It started on Thursday with pizza, then Friday with Taco Bell, then Saturday brunch at Jolie’s (OMG….if you ever come visit me, we will go eat our hearts out), then chilli at grandma’s, then breakfast Sunday morning at Dwyers (again, if you come visit me, we will have breakfast Sunday morning here), followed by fish tacos at PJ’s parents house then stuffed pork chop, stuffed jalepeno, stuffed mushroom and corn on the cob at our friend’s house for the Walking Dead premier.

Y’all….that A LOT of food consumed over the course of a weekend.

I wasn’t feeling good Sunday night and woke up Monday morning feeling worse (turns out I have a UTI- I’m on meds now and it’s getting better). I weighed myself. I wasn’t that surprised with the weight gain I saw on the scale. I was disappointed. I was disappointed that I let it happen. I don’t want to see that again, but it’s difficult to work out when you have to go pee like every five minutes. What do I do?

I need some help here.


2 thoughts on “As good as it started, so it stop….sort of

  1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that 😦 Everyone has those moments where they just DON’T want to use their willpower. I mean, there is some food that is IRRESISTIBLE so I totally understand. In my experience of getting on a healthier eating track, the best thing you can do is just remind yourself of those moments when you feel really sick and really crappy. Your brain may tell you that you’re craving a certain food, but you KNOW that your stomach will not be happy at all once it’s in there. Reminding myself of how sick I feel after a bad meal is ALWAYS a good motivator for me. Also avoiding being around the foods that break me down. Sometimes I can’t help it if it’s around, but if it’s not? There’s nothing I can do but eat something else!

    Good luck 🙂

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