So here’s the thing…

Hi fellow changers, I am San and I blog at
I thought I would check in and say ‘Hi’ to everyone.

I usually am not big on New Year’s resolutions, but our ’12 changes in 2012 project’ sounded like a really good way to tackle goals and as with everything else in life, it’s easier to do things when in good company. It’s a huge motivating factor and breaking the list down into one resolution at a time makes the whole thing feel more tangible

Having said that, my goal for this month is going extremely well.

And I think I also know why.

So, here’s the thing: When you started working on your list of 12 changes for this year, did you notice that there are two types of goals?

The “shoulds” and the “wants”.

There is a fundamental difference between things you “should” be changing and things you “want” to change.

Clearly, my first goal in January – to make drinking more water part of my routine – was a “should” and my results were mediocre, at best.

This month’ goal – meal planning – is a “want” and I can already see how much more effort and energy I put into the achievement of this goal.

This leads me to the conclusion that I have to set more “should” goals for the rest of the year and work at them as hard as if they were “wants”, because I know that the wants will eventually get done, when I make enough time for them…. but the “shoulds” will always be struggles.

How do you feel about the goals that you set for yourself?


3 thoughts on “So here’s the thing…

  1. This is a really interesting mentality! The should VS want goals. Hmmm. Something to think about for sure. Glad to hear your goals are going well though, I really need to buck up and work on mine! I definitely *want* to get more fit, but so much extra time/energy/effort it seems like more of a *should* lately.

  2. I think my goals are enough to attain. I think taking it one step at a time and it being small really helps. There are all things I want to do.

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