What a month!

Greetings everyone! I’m Amanda and I blog over at Teasingly Diverse.

One might say (and one would be making the understatement of the century) that I’m what they call “goal oriented.” I’m just about as Type-A as they come, and I love a good checklist. So it’s no real surprise that on top of being 4 months into my second Day Zero Project (aka 101 Goals in 1,001 Days), I was all for this 12 Changes project when I heard about it from Katherine and Stephany. Then again, those girls could probably get me to do almost anything!

When I was coming up with my 12 changes, I tried to think of things that would coincide with some of the life events I knew would be happening this year, as well as pulling some things from my 101 list. I didn’t want them all to come from there, though, and in the end not many did.

My change for January was one of those, however. #15 on my list was to go an entire month without hitting my snooze button and I’m really proud to say it was a big success! I slated it for January because I knew that I couldn’t afford to sleep in at the beginning of the month – I was driving cross-country to move from California to Tennessee and had a set number of miles I had to reach each day. One of the keys to being successful for the rest of the month was figuring out how much sleep I actually needed and when I should go to sleep. I’m not a night owl, so staying up late usually wasn’t the culprit behind me hitting snooze a few too many times. It turned out that I didn’t have a good grasp on how much sleep I needed or when I actually had to wake up so I was setting my alarm too early!

My change for February is to MOVE by exercising 3x a week. So far it’s not off to as awesome a start as January’s change, but it’s coming along. Couch-to-5K is my real motivation for this – I need to hop back on that horse.

For those who are curious, here’s the rest of my list:

March :: Menu Plan
April :: Budget
May :: Take Time for Me
June :: Get Out (explore my new hometown)
July :: Read
August :: Hydrate (drink more water)
September :: Intentional Relationships
October :: Organize & Prepare
November :: Write
December :: Practice Gratitude
What are you tackling in February?

4 thoughts on “What a month!

  1. I love your goals for the year! I especially love that you have a whole month dedicated to reading and writing. I’m guessing it’s not a coincidence you put November with Writing? Do I sense a NaNoWriMo in your future? hehe 🙂 Good luck lady!

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