An Unexpected, But Not An Unwanted Change

As the month of January slowly comes to an end and my change has become habit, I am starting to look into what I’d like to change next for February. Little did I know, a very unexpected change was happening behind my back.

I’ve been out of school for the past two semesters, or a year if you want to get technical. I left my previous school due to many personal and financial reasons. Throughout the year and a half that I was in school, I was always bouncing from major to major. One semester I was in Criminal Justice, the next I was in Visual Arts. I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my life, pretty much because I want to do everything, and I finally drove myself into the ground. (Let it be known that my last semester I was in a bad relationship that emotionally was draining and didn’t help my cause. But that’s a story for another day.) I ended up making the call to my mother half way through finals week to come and get me, and that was the last time I stepped in a classroom.

I was up late one night and for some reason I was on the website of Southern New Hampshire University. I guess was just looking around to see what programs and classes they offer, just in case I ended up going back someday. All of a sudden, I found myself filling out an application for admission to the Small Business Administration online program. I don’t even know if at the time I realized what I was doing. I submitted the application, shut my laptop and thought nothing more about it. The next morning I was rudely awaked by an unknown number. Usually I don’t answer unknown numbers, but for some reason I did this time. It was an admissions counselor from SNHU, she was calling to discuss my application. We talked for about twenty minutes, and by the time we were done talking I was signed up to start classes in March.

I am very excited about this unexpected change that has happened. Honestly, 12 Changes has changed the way I deal with life now and how I make changes. I hope you all were able to make the changes you wanted to during January and I wish you the best of luck in February.

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About Joey

Joey is a 20-something who has lived in the great region of New England for his entire life. He enjoys long walks on the beach and taking pictures of sunrises – no joke. He is a lover of all music types, with the exception of Country, unless it's his girl T-Swift. Currently attending Southern New Hampshire and studying Small Business Administration, Joey is working at Target as the Electronics Specialist. As person who lives in the moment, Joey likes to live life “One Day at a Time…”

3 thoughts on “An Unexpected, But Not An Unwanted Change

  1. So awesome, congrats! I was out of school for 3 semesters, and although I didn’t openly admit it at first, it was definitely a personal decision because I needed a STEP BACK. Right now I’m back in University but I’m struggling a little. I WANT to be a good student, but I’m so easily distracted by everything else I want to accomplish. I think sometimes, like you, the decision has to be spontaneous to get back into it because it’s what you want… Those can be the best kinds of changes in life (spontaneous ones, that is). Good luck with your classes, hopefully it’s not too difficult to get back into it for you!

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