A little late, but still hoping for change!

Greetings all! I’m Kristen via Life By Kristen. While I’m a bit behind on life for getting my 12 changes onto the blog, I’ve been working hard every day to make my January change happen!  Considering I’m posting this almost at the end of January, I probably should have made my January change to be on target with deadlines.

January’s change of go to bed early and get up on time was halfway successful. I am routinely in bed between 10 and 11 at night and getting up by 830AM on the weekends at the latest. But during the week, the 6AM alarm comes far too quickly and I hit snooze way too many times. I’m trying to put my alarm farther away from the bed so that it requires some movement in the morning, but really I just sort of move myself just as little as possible to reach the snooze button. I’m still working on making this change actually happen- and stick.

And here are my 12 proposed changes:

1. Go to bed early, get up on time           2.  Drink more water

3. Be active at least 3 times/week         4.  Don’t waste real work hours on web stuff

5. Make better attempts at communication and plans with friends

6. Less carbs                       7. Cook more

8. Read more                    9. Blog frequently

10.  Paint/create              11.  Take more photos

12. Meditate


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