My 12 Changes

Hello my fellow 12 in 12 bloggers! Thanks Katherine for the Add! I am very excited to do these monthly changes to make this year a year of change. My whole life has had tons of changes beyond my control (and I know that there always will be) now I want to make some changes I can control.

January– Expose myself (keep reading lol!) more musically. Since it is almost February I have been doing it already… check it out. I will work on the songs I have written and perfect them before I get posting on those.

And work harder to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by April 1st (I only have 10 more lbs to go!)

February– Drink more water (at least 64 oz a day) This will help Goal 2 in January

March– Memorize at least 1 Bible verse

April– Eat healthy at least 5 days a week

May-December… I am not really sure what to add to these months to make changes but I am sure I will come up with stuff based on reading these blog posts.

Now the changes I have made for the months above may be completed before the month comes but if not I can make it a priority for that month.

I think this will be very motivating for a lot of people and hopefully we will have some accountability so we can’t slack off!

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About sandywessel

Currently a stay at home mom but the economy has me looking for work again to help out. I am Married (since Sept 2008), have 2 Children (1 living the other I miscarried but I still count it as my child just one I will meet in heaven) My daughters name is McKayla and she is AMAZING! Super funny, cute and smart... I mean it! I love music, and I am a singer/song writer (need more work on the songwriting part). I am in love with Jesus but don't hate or discriminate if you don't. I like all kinds of music but Country and Christian are my favorites. But Journey is on of my all time favorite bands. Um... I think that is enough lol

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