12 Changes, 12 Months. My experience so far…

My friend Katherine invited me to participate in this project she has been working on called 12 Changes, 12 Months. It’s a great idea, instead of having New Years resolutions that we all seem to forget after a few weeks, we make a list of 12 things we like to change and focus on one of them once a month so then it becomes habit. So since January 1st, I had a list together and I’ve been focusing in aspects of the list to make things easier. It isn’t exactly what the whole entire process is suppose to be about, but it really works for me and reminds to take things one day at a time. Here is the list.

1. Drink more water everyday.
2. Get to the gym 3+ times a week.
3. Take stairs instead of elevator
4. Keep laundry folded and put away.
5. Portion control my food.
6. Make a new recipe every week.
7. Make a playlist once a month.
8. Save at least $100/month.
9. Read at least one book a month.
10. Make Bed everyday.
11. Go to bed with a clean apartment.
12. Wear mouthguard every night and wash face before bed.

Overall the biggest theme here is healthy, like everyone else. I’ve basically given up drinking diet soda and put myself on a 1300 calorie intake for the day. I know it seems like a little, and it is, but it’s really working. I’ve already lost 6 pounds over the last 2 weeks, doing this has taught me not to stuff my face, which is a problem I have. It has also been easy to adapt meals I already eat into this. Soups, Turkey Burgers, and breakfast tacos have been adjusted accordingly. Throughout the day I am constantly making the right decisions for me. Should I eat this, or if I eat this I can eat/not eat something later. More than anything it’s been really enlightening.

In addition to healthy living, I really wanted to focus on things that make me happy. Music, reading, and cooking are things I get really excited about and I wanted to remind myself that while I am challenging myself I still need the things to keep me happy and thriving. It’s a good overall balance where I am not always thinking about the things I do wrong, and getting stressed out because of it.

The saving thing is just trying being smart and hopefully as time goes on I can save more. I really do need to have a stash of cash set aside so if something happens I can take care of myself. Too many bad memories of losing my job and having to move in with my parents back in 2007 with creditors and student loan companies down my throat. It was a really bad time, and I really want to be prepared in case something unexpected happens.

Overall I really want to get into a routine, which is where the laundry, making bed, mouthguard/washing face, and cleaning apartment changes come in. I cleaned out my closet over the last weekend of clothes, which I have not done since college and now I have room to hang all of my clothes up (which was my biggest problem). I get really stressed out and agitated when my living space is messy and chaotic and this is to prevent it.

Now I know I am only suppose to focus on one thing, but it seems like if I do one thing, the others seem to fall into place. This has been the easiest time I’ve had in try to make a change in my life and maybe it’s due to the fact that I am actually 100% ready for this change, and I am balancing it out. Sure there are going to be days when I mess up, but when I mess up, I make sure I dont fall into the cycle of just giving up. And that seems to be the biggest change I am making this year. Not only do I have the support system with 12 changes, but I have the support of my therapist, who I am checking in with once a week and David, who has been extremely encouraging (even when I am super grumpy and focused).

So now I just need to keep the movement going. Wish me luck.

Diana is a Designer who lives in San Francisco. She has a love for photography, art, cooking, reading, and a really bad music addiction. She currently contributes to the music blog, 40ozrobot, but you can also find her searching for her own thoughts here.


4 thoughts on “12 Changes, 12 Months. My experience so far…

  1. Good for you! I don’t think you have to focus on just one thing. Like you said, when you’re trying to focus in on just one thing, peripheral things tend to come to light in need of change too.

  2. I love your goals! People think of “health” as eating better, working out but taking time for one’s self is important part of being healthy too! I think everyone should read a good book or just relax each day to help them unwind and focus.

  3. I really like your idea of “doing things that make you happy”… I think if everyone can keep that mentality and complete their 12 changes to be happy for THEMSELVES… Then we’ll all be really successful. Good luck! 🙂

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