My Twelve Changes

Hi everyone! My name is Melissa, and I’m one of the bloggers taking part in the 12 Changes project that was created by Stephany and Katherine. I remember seeing the beginning of this conversation on Twitter, and getting REALLY excited. I knew that if any bloggers could take care of this project the right way, it would be these two lovely ladies. And look at all the wonderful things they’ve done already! Not only are there SIXTY bloggers taking part in this amazing endeavor, but there is a Twitter account and, of course, this blog. It’s only fitting that we blog about our progress because we are all bloggers after all. It’s what brought us together and it’s the reason this project exists!

Today I wanted to talk about my own personal 12 Changes. 12 Changes reminds me A LOT of The Happiness Project [by Gretchen Rubin]. I wrote about it a little while ago when I read the book, and I had completely forgotten about it until 12 Changes came up. When I had originally read it I had REALLY wanted to do something similar for myself (because I love goals and it just sounds like a lot of fun) so I decided to plan 2012 around a Happiness Project of sorts. Mine isn’t necessarily about HAPPINESS the way that Gretchen Rubin’s was, though. My project is about setting attainable goals for myself throughout the year based around a new theme each month. Then, as each month comes to an end, I’m going to start my new month of goals while trying to incorporate the previous month’s achievements into the next. Of course I want to be *happy* doing it, but I think that will come naturally as I continue crossing off my goals!

This is what my themes are for each month of the year.

January: health
February: fitness
March: budgeting
April: procrastination
May: goals
June: friendships
July: personal living
August: mindfulness (or being open-minded)
September: school
October: organization
November: family
December: round-up (putting it all into practice)

I’m so excited and hopeful about this project, I really am. I haven’t chosen what each of my goals are going to be for each month of the year, but I am making sure to stay organized to be ready when I need to be.

Right now I’m working on the idea of health. I haven’t really *done* anything yet, but I have set up what I’d like to be achieve before February. Now that the holidays are really and truly over I’m going to put my mind to it and really get a few goals crossed off to start this project off right.

In January, I have four goals set up for myself. 

1. Go one month without junk food

2. Start taking multi-vitamins every day

3. Try vegetarianism for one week

4. Keep a food diary

I also want to keep in mind 3 rules as I incorporate healthier eating habits into my life. 

1. Keep the kitchen stocked with the right food

2. Boredom does not equal hunger. Remember the 10 minute rule.

3. When really hungry, always go for the healthy option FIRST. You’ll never regret a healthy snack!

By the end of January, I don’t expect to cut junk food out of my life permanently or become a vegetarian; the idea is just to try these different lifestyles to see what changes I see in myself. Ideally I’d love to simply use these extreme measures as a way to decrease the bad food I eat and increase the good.

By the end of 2012, I just want to see significant changes in myself; exactly what the project is ABOUT. I want to continue to feel inspired by The Happiness Project all year, and hopefully be successful with most of the goals I set up for myself!

Are you taking part in 12 Changes? If not, what do your goals look like for the year, or for January?


3 thoughts on “My Twelve Changes

  1. I love your approach of coming up with “themes” for each month and not only making permanent changes, but also using that specific month to experiment and try new things! 🙂

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