Welcome to 12 changes in 12 months, the place where many people are coming together to get a drastically different life without making any dramatic changes!

The idea started in early December 2011 when Stephany and I were chatting about some frustrations we had with being unable to meet some personal goals. If you think about it, making changes can be super intimidating. There’s all these little parts to the person you want to become, and trying to get to all of them is so daunting that it’s often easier to just say, “Forget it!” and stay with the status quo.

But what if you broke up those goals into little pieces?

This is what Stephany and I decided to do for the 12 months that make up 2012. Rather than say we want to be healthier and forcing ourselves to make lots of little decisions every day about that, we are focusing on one small aspect of our big change each month.

For January, mine is drinking more water.

We both started to get really excited about this idea, and we thought it would be even cooler to get 12 people in on this project, for symmetry, you know. So I put the call out to Twitter and I was just floored by the response. We had more than 24 in less than an hour. Now, almost a month later, we’re getting close to 60!

Not only do we have a big group, this is a great group! I can see us all succeeding just because of the kinds of people we’ve got here to support us!

If we don’t already have your information, please fill this out and join us! After I have that, I’ll send you out the emails and all that fun stuff!

If you have a list of things you know you want to change, whether it’s full or not, I’d love to see those right over here!

Can’t wait to have you on board!

(Also please excuse some of the delays and hiccups, we’re all working as volunteers over here!)


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